Regular Trip

Trip Description

You can join regular trips at a specified time and time:

Every Friday and every Saturday – once every day!

At 09:30 in the morning, a regular jeep tour departed from Mitzpe Ramon, picking up from the parking lot near the “Menta” gas station at the main entrance to the settlement, near the entrance leading to the “Bereishit” hotel.

The length of the trip is about two and a half hours, accompanied by professional guidance, accompanied by aids, which will answer questions such as: What is this place? How was it created? What’s here?

The price per participant is 160 shekels! Conditional on pre-registration of at least 3 participants
Total driver + 6 participants
Participation is based on availability – everyone who wins first …

What do I provide?

  • Due to the corona period … I provide all the necessary equipment –
    Masks, alcohol, gloves, thermometer, and cold water in individual bottles.
  • For the challenging trip that also includes immersion, I provide towels !!!

Each participant will be required to sign a health declaration form!

Technical Info