First Trip

Trip Description

“First time at sea? A trip for visitors who were not long ago, if at all:
A route between two and a half hours, which will provide a background and basis for understanding the crater.

We will stop near the “colorful wall”, we will continue to observe from “Har Gvanim” – on the way we will stop to see a real space station in the middle of the crater! (Yes yes of “NASA”), on the descent from Mount Shades we will stop to talk about desert vegetation and do a cool trick, in addition we will talk about the animals that exist in this area, from there we will move to the other side, east, of Ramon Crater through Nahal Nekraot (maybe even meet animals ), We will continue on the “oil axis” to the southern gate of the crater – a spectacular observation point!, We will return to civilization through Nahal Gvanim, from there in 20 minutes drive, back to Mitzpe Ramon.

The price is 750 shekels for up to six participants!

What do I provide?

  • Due to the Corona period … I provide all the necessary equipment –
    Masks, alcohol, gloves, thermometer, and cold water in individual bottles.
  • For the challenging trip that also includes immersion, I provide towels !!!

Each participant will be required to sign a health declaration form!

Technical Info